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Ben Shapiro Quotes From the Conservative Media Host

Learn more about his thoughts and opinions in these Ben Shapiro quotes.

Ben Shapiro is an American conservative political commentator and host of The Ben Shapiro Show, a politics-based radio show and podcast.

Graduating from high school early at 16, Shapiro started his political career early, writing his first book, “Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth” when he was just twenty years old.

Shapiro began his political podcast in 2015, quickly gaining the interest of viewers with the conservative viewpoints broadcasted on The Ben Shapiro Show.

In 2018, the show began to run on the radio because of the podcast’s popularity.

In 2019, Shapiro’s podcast won the award for Best News Podcast at the 2019 iHeartRadio Podcast Awards.

Popular Ben Shapiro Quotes

Ben Shapiro doesn’t hesitate to share his political opinion and perspective. You can get a taste for it in these quotes.

1. “Capitalism invariably boils down to barter between two willing parties, neither of whom uses force to work with the other.” – Ben Shapiro

2. “It took capitalism half a century to come back from the Great Depression.” – Ben Shapiro

3. “Google has long been a leftist company.” – Ben Shapiro

4. “Distrust of government isn’t baseless cynicism. It’s realism.” – Ben Shapiro

5. “Al Gore had no problem taking hundreds of millions of dollars from the government of Qatar to sell his Current TV to Al Jazeera America.” – Ben Shapiro

6. “In Britain, where the social safety net is more like a social swaddling cloth, crime rates other than murder are significantly higher than in the United States.” – Ben Shapiro

7. “Historically, professors have defended tenure as a way to protect their individualistic thought. But tenure can also be used as a

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