Worldmakers are Dreammakers

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Caring is a precious gem that money need not buy. This story landed smack in the center of my heart. We recently had taken my 85 year old mother-in-law (known as Grandma Shirley) to see Mollie B., a polka musician she had long dreamed of seeing.

My girls grew up to Mollie B. polka parties in grandma’s kitchen. During intermission at this free community concert, we encouraged Grandma to go say hi to Mollie B. “Oh, I couldn’t do that!” she insisted. “Sure you can.

She would love to hear what her music means to you.” And so she did. Visiting with this musician who had brought so much joy to her life was a dream come true.On the way home, with Grandma Shirley still aglow, we passed a semi-truck.

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