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Why Happiness Comes from Purposeful Actions

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I don’t want to do this? And then you get started, and the first five minutes suck, and an hour later when you’re done, you’re so grateful and happy?”In a conversation with SUCCESS People Editor Tristan Ahumada, Meltzer shares a unique perspective on becoming happy.Wanting something—anything—is the starting point of all happiness.

Expecting a rosy outcome from life is what adds meaning and direction to everything you do.But the happiest people don’t just want things.

They desire them. They have a hunger for success that trumps their current reality, and they’ll stop at nothing to merge the two.“When you have the desire that you must be what you can be, will always outweigh the pain: setbacks, failures, or mistakes,” Meltzer says.So that’s the first thing to master on the happiness journey: unbridled desire.

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