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When My Daughter on the Autism Spectrum Said, 'I Don't Like Being 5'

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Today in a preschool Zoom speech class, my daughter interrupted the teacher and randomly asked, “How old are you?” The teacher kindly responded, “Thanks for asking, I’m 41 and I know you are 5.” I was attempting to get her to drop the subject and attend to the lesson when she responded with, “Yeah, I don’t like being 5.

I want to be 41 so I can have my own ‘puter (computer) and type everything on my own and have my own meetings. And I get to go to wine tastings and do things like adults do.” As you can imagine we all laughed, as I’m sure you did when you read this as well (What 5-year-old wants to go wine tasting?) and quickly attempted to get back to pronouncing rhyming words with the other kids.

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