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How To Survive In The Wild With Nothing in 2022

Surviving in the wilderness has become a hobby and a sport for some adventure addicts over the last several years. Usually, these enthusiasts buy necessary survival gear in advance or head out to the wild area with no equipment on purpose as a challenge. However, the second type of survivalist is often trained and has all the basic skills to survive in the wild.

Anyway, the difference between purposeful expert survivalists and other people is in preparation. If you’ve got here, chances are you’re a beginner survivalist or a responsible person who wants to be prepared for an emergency. Therefore we asked an outdoor store to write an article on gearless survival in the wild to supply you with survival tips.

Wild Survival with Nothing

When things go off script, you need to take care of only three things: shelter, water, and food. Depending on the situation, your top priority would be finding shelter to shield yourself from extreme weather or finding water since our body can’t live without it for more than three days.

What about fire? Fire is a handy instrument that greatly boosts your odds of survival since you can use it to sterilize water, signal for help, cook food, and keep yourself warm and dry, but starting a fire without equipment can be really hard. Add damp conditions that might catch you, and making fire becomes impossible. When the weather is kind, you can try building a bow drill or any other friction tool. Another way to start a fire without special gear is to strike sparks out of flint or rock. If you wear glasses, you can use its lenses to concentrate sunlight.

Anyway, if you can start a fire, consider half of your problems are solved – the water is sterilized, the food is heat-treated, and the clothing is

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