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4 Music Genres That Arose From Blues Music (and How)

Blues music is a genre with deep roots in the African-American culture because it started as music for the soul. The early versions of blues were a combination of religious music and work songs that the African-Americans, who were treated unjustly by the system, used to voice their woes.

As the name and the historic placement suggest, blues songs are melancholic and sad. The first singers used to work the fields during the day and sing their sorrows at night, in blues bars (or Juke Joints), using a guitar or harmonica and their voice.

As time passed, people started to look for better conditions in more friendly states, and they took the music with them. As a result, blues music spread and evolved, leading to the creation of other genres we know and love today. 

1. Blues – Delta vs Chicago Styles

Many of the people who fled the south relocated to the city of Chicago. Here, blues singers continued their performances, but they also adapted their style to fit the culture of the city. This way, blues split into two genres: Delta Blues and Chicago Style Blues.

Mississippi: The Birthplace of Delta Blues Music

The earliest form of blues was called Delta Blues or Country Blues and had a solo singer with a harmonica or a guitar. The reason behind the name is the very birthplace of blues music – the Mississippi Delta. If you look into the history of Mississippi Delta blues music, it’s easy to understand why the earliest tones were lamenting and filled with sorrow. 

Chicago: Adding Energy to Blues Music

In Chicago, blues became more energetic and more instruments were used to create the sound. Here, classic blues songs like “I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom” became more upbeat and included several instruments besides the classic guitar,

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