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How to Protect Yourself From Being Manipulated

Being manipulated can happen to the best of people, but you can protect yourself. Think about the scenario where you go shopping for that new car. 

Before you left you vowed that today would not be the day that you would purchase the car. Today was the day that you were going to see what was out there and get a feel for the car market.

When you left you were not even sure if now was the right time to buy a new car with the new baby on the way and rumors of layoffs at work. At the first dealership, you held strong and walked away with a great feeling of accomplishment.

You did waver a bit when the salesman showed you that sporty little car that you dreamed of when you were eighteen. However, you walked away because you knew that it was simply not the right kind of car at this season of your life.

Yet, that second salesman talked you into getting something way out of your price range and not the right car for your family.

What happened?

As you drive your new car home you suddenly are overcome by the concern of how you will explain to your spouse what the new car is all about.

Today I want to help you never experience this sort of scenario again whether it is a salesman or a family member trying to guilt you into watching their kids!

Protect yourself option 1: Lock the doors

This is a great option for those who don’t have much of a life. The ostrich with its head in the sand concept works for a season for most people.

Lock your doors, pull the shades down and never check out what is on TV, radio, or the internet. If you never talk to anyone on the phone, or text or message anyone then you are sure to never be manipulated.

Unfortunately, this rarely makes anyone happy, including yourself. 

You may think that you are

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