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Your Action Creates Your Motivation, So What Are You Waiting For?

Your action creates your motivation to achieve your goals and dreams. Why are you waiting to get started?

All too often, individuals come up with amazing ideas or plans that could change their lives in a positive way. They do a little amount of research and decide that they are not like the people who can bring this idea to fruition. Then they give up before ever starting.

Unsuccessful people often give up without putting forth the least amount of effort. This is in direct contrast to how successful people go about bringing a new plan or idea to reality.

Unsuccessful people may also say that they are not like that or don’t possess the skills. However, successful people, instead of giving up, go out and gain those skills.

They become what they need to be through trial and error.

Action that creates motivation does not mean instant success

Before individuals can parachute off a mountain or even climb the mountain, they went through some drills and followed specific steps. After working on their skills, they became proficient in this ability. Becoming an expert in any endeavor is not a one-day activity.

It is important to get fired up and stay fired up. This strength will allow you to get through the not-so-exciting days! Unfortunately, you must pass through tough days before realizing your potential and goals.

Motivation or drive comes in small, consistent waves like those found on a relatively calm beach. It is not meant to be like a volcano that quickly exhausts its ferocity.

When starting a new project or behavior, it is necessary to start out in smaller steps. For instance, if someone started a new workout regimen, they would not start out jogging for an hour every morning, five days a week.

It is more reasonable

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