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10 Steps to Avoid Giving Up

I want a different job. I want to do what I love.Then I’d get sick again.That’s how it feels when I’m stuck.

In a job. A career (maybe a career I spent ten years training for and 20 years doing).

A relationship. An anything.I wish I had more often told myself: the past is not the jail keeper of my future.I think, “because I got a degree in X, I have to do Y.” Or because I’m living with A, this is it for life.

Or because I wrote about J, then this is my life now.Or because I failed once at business or art, I can never try again. Or because my parents want me to be a doctor, I have to be a doctor.Bad.I spoke with Matt Berry, and he was doing what I thought was a dream job, writing movies, but all he wanted to do was blog about fantasy sports

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Matt Berry

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dating coach, I help people find their most suitable match.We are all a pain in the a.. to live with.We have different backgrounds, triggers, goals, expectations, communication styles, attachment styles, love languages, and ideas of roles in a relationship, so there are bound to be many misunderstandings.If we don’t have the skills to navigate this, it’s bound to go wrong even if we started with a bang and felt we found our soulmate.Intensity is like a drug, taking us out of everyday life’s mundanity and makes us feel whole, worthy, valuable, and alive.

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