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Yes, I Sometimes Miss the Voices When My Medication Treats My Psychosis

To those who don’t experience psychosis, hallucinating can seem like a very scary thing. Sometimes, I find that experiencing psychosis can be daunting, but more times than not I find that I miss my voices when my medication is working. This is something that is hard for me to admit because of fear of being misunderstood or being accused of “not wanting to get well;” however, it is important for me to be truthful about my experience.

I have experienced hearing voices, seeing figures, and feeling and seeing bugs crawling all over me for many years. These hallucinations have caused me a lot of stress, but when I have experienced relief from them while on medication, I find that I almost always miss the voices. It feels weird for me to have a quiet mind and feeling alone is a trigger for me. Despite what my voices might have said to me in the past, good or bad, I always felt like I wasn’t alone because they were always there. Having that noisy distraction removed due to medication forces me to spend more time with myself, and sometimes I find that this increases my depression. When my medication is working correctly and I am not hearing voices, or I am not hearing them as often, I find that I always must be listening to something, such as having the television on, listening to the radio, or even just listening to calming sound videos on YouTube. Having that extra noise fills the space that I feel the voices have left behind.

Sometimes, however, it does get to the point where I want to stop taking my medication to bring the voices back. This has happened on a few occasions which have caused my mental health to deteriorate greatly. It is just so difficult when the voices feel like an important part of my being, but they are

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