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15 Mantras That Help You Stay Calm Through Chaos

1 – I am safe right now, and everything will be okay. ADVERTISEMENT When the world around you seems to be in shambles, remind yourself that you’re okay. Anxious thoughts during chaotic moments can make you feel like something detrimental will happen to you.

Remembering that you’re okay can help you stay calm and get through anything.2 – I deserve love and give myself the attention I need.When life gets crazy, it’s easy to think you don’t deserve love and attention. However, you deserve all the good things in life, and you don’t have to wait for anyone to give them to you. Focus on self-love, and you’ll feel your worries ease and your self-worth increase.3 – I am relaxed and calm no matter what occurs around me.

ADVERTISEMENT Telling yourself that you’re calm can help you relax through the power of self-belief. Your mind believes what you say, so repeating this mantra can help. The more you tell yourself that you’re relaxed and calm, the better you’ll feel.4 – I feel my tension melting away.When you tell yourself that you feel your tension melting away, you’ll likely experience less stress.

Try to use visualization as you repeat this affirmation. Visualize the tension leaving your body and positivity flowing throughout.5 – I know that my worries are temporary.Hard times and worrisome moments don’t last forever. When chaos seems to take over your life, use this affirmation to remind yourself that it’s only temporary.

The negative feelings won’t last forever, and reminding yourself can make the good times come sooner.6 – I am at peace with my life and the world around me.Being at peace with your life can help you resist external chaos. It limits the effect of stress if you tell yourself that you’re peaceful. Self-belief

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