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Dry humping: This Guy Gets Paid To Dry Hump And Calls It Alternative Love Therapy

Dry Humping: Meaning What Is Dry Humping?

One definition of dry humping is as follows: Dry humping is grinding or rubbing your genitals against your partner’s genitals or body. And this is usually done through underwear or clothes, meaning both partners remain fully or partially clothed. Or, in other words, humping with your clothes on.

And because dry humping can often lead to orgasm, both partners can experience sexual pleasure but without the repercussions of sex, meaning without the risk of pregnancy or getting an STD.

Dry humping may also occur as foreplay or in addition to sex. It can also be done alone by rubbing your genitals against a piece of furniture or a pillow.

Dry Humping vs. Masturbation

When dry humping is performed as a solo act, it can be seen as another way of masturbation. Dry humping, when done alone, is an act of a person self-stimulating themselves. In other words, dry humping can also be referred to as pillow humping or bed humping.

Benefits Of Dry Humping 1. Sexual pleasure

Dry humping imitates the sensations of having actual sexual intercourse. It is an act that is pleasurable for both partners, promotes intimacy between them, and brings them the ultimate pleasure – an orgasm.

2. Harm reduction

Dry humping protects you from pregnancy and STDs, and STIs.

3. Abstinence

When a person wants to avoid sexual contact or sex with penetration due to their preferences or religion and culture, dry humping is a safe way to experience the intimacy and sexual pleasure they need without penetration.

Risks Of Dry Humping

Dry humping is a sexual experience without any major risks because there are no fluids exchanged, and thus the risk of getting an STD, STI, or getting pregnant, is eliminated.

The only risk is

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