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11 Behaviors That Reveal a Toxic Marriage

Some toxic marriages appear happy and healthy to onlookers. However, when no one else is around, negative behaviors emerge. ADVERTISEMENT On the other hand, in some instances, many onlookers will notice the issues.

Either way, some behaviors reveal a toxic marriage, helping you identify it and make a change.Relationship stability relies on reliability from both partners. Someone might be unreliable if they:Hostility occurs when someone reflects their anger onto another person. Your partner might be angry about something you did or an external factor.

Either way, they might reflect their anger regarding:Once hostility occurs, it can be hard to overcome an argument or come to a resolution. The person often wants to forget the issue or cover it up rather than address it. However, ignoring the problems creates further hostility and resentment.Deception isn’t a good sign and indicates a toxic marriage.

Your partner might lie about finances or as a way to avoid conflict. They might also lie about cheating or other forms of deception. Whatever it is, lying isn’t a good look and can be incredibly detrimental.While a little bit of jealousy is harmless, it can quickly become toxic.

One sign is that your partner constantly texts for updates about where you are and who you’re spending time around. The constant updates limit you and take away your freedom.Studies show that it shows insecurity and the need to control you. It can damage your marriage and lead to obsessive behavior.

ADVERTISEMENT Other signs of excessive jealousy include:When arguments constantly turn into big fights, it’s a sign of a toxic marriage. You might get to a point where you can’t have a conversation without it becoming a fight. It doesn’t allow for overcoming

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