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Being a Good Family Member: A Prime Motivator for Managing Depression

Los Angeles Times interview caught my attention: “I would like to be remembered, No. 1, as a good man. And, by being a good man, I mean as honest as possible.

I’d like to be remembered as a great husband, a great father, and a great grandfather. But I don’t really care about someone saying, ‘You’re the best broadcaster. ’ That just happened.

The others are far more important. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. That’s so much more important than anything else.

”I think that is really, really cool! Scully’s profound words have caused me to reflect on what I’d want people to say about me and my much more modest, less public life. My ambition is that they’d say the same kinds of things. I strive to be that kind of man—though I fall very short.

At times, my chronic depression and anxiety have gotten in the way of my being everything I want to be. When my mood is poor and I’m overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety, I’m quite inwardly focused. I’m not pleasant to be around.

Sometimes, I crawl into my “cave” so as not to do too much damage by what I say to my dear wife, children, and grandchildren. But, most of the time, I consider myself to be in “recovery,” so I have no excuses. And I like to think that my desire to be good at my most important relationships is my main motivator for staying in recovery.

I also like to think that my openness about my struggles with my disease is one way I try to be honest—and, in that way, bring a little hope to others. My wife and children tell me I’ve become a better husband and father since I underwent psychotherapy and now that I take an antidepressant daily. That makes me feel good! All the work to get to a better place is worth it! If I were on the radio, that’s one topic I’d want to

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