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10 Things I Know About Following Your Dreams

Do you have dreams for yourself and do you believe in them? Are you a believer in the idea that if you follow your dreams they will come true?

I am here as living, breathing proof that dreams do come true. It isn’t always easy. In fact, it is never easy. True dreams don’t just fall into your lap. You have to nurture them.

Achieving your dreams requires hard work and fighting to give them a chance to thrive. You have to persevere against seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

But, if you believe in your dreams…if you believe in yourself…and if you have the faith and courage to follow your heart, then I guarantee that your dreams will come true.

A story about following your dreams

In 2001—at age 48 and just days before the 9/11 terrorist attacks—I chucked a successful, 25-year career in higher education to pursue my childhood dream of working in the entertainment industry. I was assistant dean at a university business school at the time.

You see, in 1964, when I was 11 years old, I fell in love with show business. It started with watching The Supremes perform on The Ed Sullivan Show. I told my mom, “I’m gonna meet them someday.” Yeah…right….

Fast forward to 1972. I was in college and wanted to be a writer. I wrote an article about The Supremes and sent it to magazine after magazine. Rejection slip after rejection slip poured in. Just as I was about to give up, an editor called, saying, “Get us an interview and we’ll publish your piece.”

“I can do that,” I said.

Then I hung up the phone and said to myself, “You fool. You’re just a 19-year-old college kid. How are you going to get an interview with the world’s biggest female singing group?”

Two weeks later, The Supremes were performing near my home. I screwed up my courage,

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