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5 False Beliefs About Marriage Never to Believe

Equality is a good concept to have in a marriage. But they often get taken too far due to false beliefs about reciprocity. Some people believe in strictly written contracts to follow, and many celebrities have talked about theirs.

For others, there’s a general idea that some form of agreement about the division of relationship duties is necessary. That may be a mere verbal “contract” or something even less set in stone. ADVERTISEMENT Of course, each spouse must do their fair share in their shared home and overall relationship.

And of course, you should be giving each other affection and doing nice things for each other! But being too calculated about this “fairness” can lead to a marriage’s downfall.One of the false beliefs prevalent in marriages is that spouses should “just know” the right thing to say or do. While some partners manage to achieve this difficult feat, most won’t – and that’s normal! No one is perfect, and couples can’t read the minds of each other.Some partners believe that if they need to ask for some form of affection or support, that support is inherently meaningless. This is a toxic and highly harmful thing to insist on.

Communication is essential, and this concept goes against that at its core.It’s true that, over time, you’ll get better and better at responding in the way your spouse needs. But that’s not a necessary part of any healthy or happy marriage. Above all else, partners need to be willing to talk about their feelings, needs, and wants.

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