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Feeling Burnt Out? Here Are 7 Ways Experts Recommend Dealing With It

Women experienced more burnout than men in 2020 (as if we didn’t have enough going on). Many of us are emotionally fatigued from a crazy year, feeling overworked, and don’t get enough rest or off-time.

What’s a girl to do? Since burnout is way too common, I grilled some holistic doctors and health coaches at Parsley Health for all of their best burnout tips. Whether you’re way past the point of exhaustion or you just know your job, schedule, or life feels unsustainable, it’s time to make some changes.

Read on to see how seven doctors and health coaches prevent, deal with, and heal burnout.  “Implement restorative mini-moments throughout your day. When you may not have larger blocks of time available for self-care, take five minutes to

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