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15 Lessons Learned In 15 Days of Traveling

It took me a while to finally have enough courage to push myself to take my first solo trip. I am glad I did because the lessons learned while traveling have had a lasting impact on my life.

Making the decision to pack up and head for the unknown was not an easy one to come by. However, it certainly was the best and most life-changing decision I’ve made in my 38 years wandering this planet.

Sure, there was fear and hesitation, and a whole bunch of other uneasy feelings. But, for those who have already experienced it first hand, once you get that first taste of travel, you’re hooked. The wanderlust takes over, and you fall prey to its endless experiences and boundless learning opportunities.

No matter where your travels take you, it’s certain to be an experience like no other. Here are some of the most impactful lessons learned on my first 15-day solo trip.

 1. You’re forced to try new things

For me, the first new thing was actually traveling. Once I was out there on my own, I had to do everything myself, even the things I wasn’t particularly eager to do.

But whether it’s getting on a local transit bus and hoping you read the map right, or trying out something on the menu that you can roughly translate into something that sort of makes sense, it all contributes to your experience.

In the end, those things you were so hesitant to try are usually the most memorable things.

2. “Mistakes” aren’t really a thing

When you’re open to experiencing anything, it doesn’t matter if what you had originally planned doesn’t work out as well as you thought. If you miss your train, see it as an opportunity to tour the city you’re now visiting a little while longer.

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