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When You Second Guess Yourself as a Parent


My 2-year-old screams as I seek solace in the darkness of my bedroom closet. My knees are pulled into my chest as I sit there, back against the door, like a thief in the night dreading capture. I hear my husband murmur the words, “Mommy needs some breathing time. Let’s give her some space, OK?”

As they walk away, I finally hear what I was craving. Silence.

My sigh of relief is what brought upon the waterworks I had been holding back. The failure as a mom hit me like a ton of bricks.

Is this normal? Am I a bad mom? Why is this so hard for me? Was I not made for this? These are not characteristics of a good parent! Am I doing this right??

That moment was indeed not the last I have had. And you know what?

That. Is.

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