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What I Wish Doctors Understood About Chronic Illness and Mental Health

Dear Doctors:

We come to you for help. We come to you already scared, frustrated, anxious. We don’t need any additional negativity added to us. What we don’t need is for you to medically gaslight us. That’s not acceptable. Not in any way. We know that as a rare disease patient, or a chronically ill patient, we can be complex. We already know this. We don’t need reminding. Many of us struggle with being heard. Unfortunately too many of us have been dismissed, belittled, ignored. Too many of us have been gaslit by those who are supposed to help.

Medical gaslighting is prevalent in the chronic illness/rare disease community. So many have experienced it. Oddly, many have experienced this with neurology. Neurology seems to be the one specialty

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I’ve had several house sales throughout my 60 years. Many have been after the death of a beloved family member. It’s hard to sort through the belongings of your loved one, decide what to keep and want to donate, give away or sell. You cry, you remember, you grieve. Your mother’s favorite tea cup, your father’s golf clubs, your grandma’s needlepoint and your granddad’s lead pencil set. The handkerchiefs still new in the box, grandpa was saving when his current ones wore out. The depression era, you know, waste not, want not — $2.

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