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Why We Do Not Need To Be Happy All The Time

Are you trying to be happy all the time?


If we aren’t careful, we can chase after it, day in and day out, as if it is some endpoint.

It’s not.

Happiness is not some ‘thing’ to achieve. Nor is it some magical destination.

Happiness is a part of our journey in life. It is a state of mind, a state of being that one must seek to attain, maintain, and accomplish.

Yoga masters have spent lifetimes seeking it. Buddhists spend hundreds of hours trying to attain it.

Addicts and drug users seek short-term artificial bursts of it (which ultimately destroys the pure, true form of happiness).

So, we should be happy all the time, right?

Not necessarily, and here is why.

Why You Don’t Need To Be Happy All The Time

Throughout our lives, we will have good times and bad times. Times of joy and times of pain.

Such is the way of life. But this balance of pleasure and pain is one of the primary drivers of our lives.

It’s what allows us to become who we are.

But staying in one state can actually throw us out of balance or knock us off track. We need to have a little turbulence here and there in order to allow us to relish and make the most of the good times.

What does this mean? That we should be miserable or unhappy sometimes?

No. It means that while life can knock us off balance now and then (with seemingly bad events occurring in our life), we must be able to return to a positive disposition quickly and more powerfully.

Being happy all the time would mean not experiencing other emotions

We shouldn’t be happy all the time because there are a variety of other positive emotions that, when used properly, will allow us to strengthen our positive outlook. When all these emotions are utilized in our daily lives, they allow us to

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