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See Why the Internet Fell in Love With This Trio of Saint Bernards

dogs before; I always had cats. So, we kind of stormed the pandemic together.”Her Saint Bernard family consists of Chubbers, Worf, and the newest addition, Odo.

Chubbers weighs around 145 pounds, so his name fits him quite well! He’s the oldest of the bunch, just turning one-and-a-half this month. Worf weighs 135 pounds and is just over a year old.

Finally, Odo is the baby of the family; he’s four months old and weighs just 55 pounds.“Odo didn’t come until recently, but Chubbers and Worf and I, we’re at home all day, every day. I decided that I needed something really positive and wholesome to do, so I started an Instagram for them, just for fun,” Brittney says, “and it’s been the most wholesome and positive experience to just play with the

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