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In Retirement, Olympic Gold-Medalist Michael Phelps Is a Mental Health Advocate

SUCCESS. “We don’t want to be stuck. We don’t want to be trapped.

We want to have hope. We want to think there is another side, there is a brighter side. Being able to push through some of this stuff and giving us .”Phelps finds optimism to be, in part, a byproduct of good habits.

When he follows those habits, he is more likely to see the glass as half full. When he doesn’t, he isn’t. The habits, he says, give him a chance.

“That’s all I want. I want a chance to be able to get to the next day to take that baby step forward,” he says. “What do I have to do to get to that next day?”Mental health is an extremely complicated issue, and optimism is not a simple cause and effect.

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