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Spring Cleaning, ADHD-Style

ADHD do. There’s a strong connection, kinship, and mutual respect, so it’s not surprising that my moods follow the seasons. In the summer, I’m full of fire energy — with less patience for my kids, who are home from school.

In the fall, I nest and become more calm and introspective. In the winter, I “die” with the leaves and become withdrawn. Spring finds me happy-go-lucky and back to life.Mother Nature knows that in order to make room for new growth there must first be some purging.

Leaves fall to the ground in the autumn so that new leaves have somewhere to thrive in the spring. Without this balance, there wouldn’t be room for growth and the tree would stagnate.[Free Resource: 22 Clutter-Busting Strategies]It’s the same for us. As creatures connected to nature, it makes sense to follow her direction and do some spring cleaning of our own.

We get rid of the old, tired patterns and thoughts of yesterday and make room for new, cool things to happen today.Sweep the house. Now is the perfect time to go through the house with a box (or 18 boxes, as I did) and start getting rid of things you don’t need, want, or use. You can have a garage sale, or, if that seems like too much effort, you can freecycle, or donate your items. When you’re done de-cluttering the house, mix up an all-natural, aroma-therapeutic cleanser to make things shiny, just as those of us with ADHD like ’em.

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Spring Cleaning

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