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“My Parents Didn’t Take My ADHD Seriously. Please Don’t Make the Same Mistake.”

ADHD was more of a moral flaw than a medical condition.If experience has taught me anything, it’s that ADHD, if not properly addressed, can lead to a number of issues, including but not limited to substance abuse, anger issues, self-loathing, and other psychological and emotional difficulties.As hard as my youth was for me, I learned some valuable lessons about the meaning of words and the importance of compassion.

These are lessons that all parents of children with ADHD need to hear to raise healthy, resilient children who feel heard and supported.[Get This Free Download: 13 Parenting Strategies for Kids with ADHD]Compassion and empathy are critical to effective parenting.In Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being (#CommissionsEarned),

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My Parents Didn

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