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How to Develop Confidence When Yours is Low

We have all seen them: the snappy dressers who walk into the room, displaying themselves for all to see. They walk – no, stride forward with a clear goal in mind.

At first you stare, thinking, “who do they think they are?’. Part of you is annoyed at the arrogance, the confidence; while another part wishes it were you.

It is ok to want to develop confidence, even if you feel like don’t have much to be confident about. 

The question is: how do you develop confidence without feeling like a jerk?

First, confidence is not arrogance. Confidence is the belief you can achieve a goal, even through adversity.

Someone who is confident believes they have the tools needed to solve problems. A confident person does not worry much about what others think.

Develop confidence, not arrogance

Arrogance, by contrast, is the belief you are better than others and do not need them to succeed.

Someone who is arrogant believes they have learned all they have needed to learn. Thus, they do not need to spend time and work to grow.

Arrogance stops learning, especially from others. Someone who is arrogant does not believe they need other people and will feel superior to them.

As such, arrogance is dangerous; as someone who was once at the top may not be after some time, but refuse to see it.

4 ways to develop confidence when you have nothing to be confident about

It is clear confidence is what you want. But how can you learn to be confident, if you have had few successes?

1. Believe in yourself.

Our beliefs influence our actions. If we believe we are overall a good person, who tries to do the right thing and have the ability to succeed, then probably, we will.

Such thoughts make us less likely to second guess ourselves; thereby helping us take

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