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How to enjoy childfree dating and is it really worth it?

Is childfree dating so enjoyable?

The movement of childfree dating is not new at all. More and more modern people declare that they will not have any kids and want to date without extra responsibilities and obligations. Although the family institute supposes everyone to give birth to a new life, lots of couples learn how to live without them and seem to adjust to such a model of life very well.

Which model of family life do you choose? With or without children? Before you decide, check the information below and see what effects childfree dating makes on you and what its benefits and drawbacks are. Is life really so happy and easy without growing kids? Hopefully, you will find answers to these questions in a while.

Why do people choose childfree dating?

There are different reasons. Some opt for it of their own will while others simply have no choice. Let’s see what the reason for doing it are:

The wish to avoid responsibilities; Careers; Personal traumas (from childhood); Physical inability to have children.

These are four main reasons why people do not want or cannot have children. Of course, when you cannot have children physically, this is not your free choice at all but childfree dating becomes your reality. Lots of people put up with that and try to enjoy whatever they have at the moment. 

Psychological reasons are also frequent. For instance, when your mother raised kids on her own, didn’t have a husband, and had to work three jobs to somehow survive, you have a block in your mind and simply do not want to follow her example. Although you are already an adult and successful, the image of a struggling single mother haven’t left your mind. Naturally, some people decide that it is better not to have any kids at all. 

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