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There Is Nothing Passive about “Having Faith.” (and How to Deal With Doubt).

Faith that fuels me to keep doing what needs to be done.I was raised Catholic. I came of age in the New Age.

Both camps of belief gave me an image of Faith that was softly lit and very… flowy. I was to point my Faith outward, to the heavens, to the cosmos, and just breeeathe.

And through this genteel exercise of trust, all would be well—I would be rewarded for my Faith.Enter doubt—because doubt always enters. And doubt, being the opposite of Faith, is gnarly.

She is not fluid, she is seizing. Doubt does not take the long view, because panic happens right now! Doubt doesn’t look to the Light, because she’s survival-based.With daily diligence. When you plant a garden fertilize it and do everything you can to prevent weeds from choking it.

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