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4 Ways to Stretch Yourself and Achieve Your Goals

One of life’s greatest challenges is to effectively manage ourselves and our emotions to achieve what we want to accomplish in life.

The ability to stretch yourself past your comfort zone, and learn to understand your weaknesses is challenging.

For me, I know my biggest weakness is to stay the course. I have to be honest with you, it’s a struggle.

Acknowledging that you struggle with the goals and standards you set for yourself is perfectly fine, as long as you don’t inundate yourself with the mistakes you make or the slip-ups.

Everyone has those lapses in judgment, the key is to accept, let go, and be consistent in moving forward.

This alone allows you to be honest with yourself and allows you to gain strength in knowing who you are.

Remember, it’s not about the accomplishment of a goal but the process of what we become as we strive towards achieving a goal.

In my many years of coaching and consulting others, I’ve learned something very important. People seldom see themselves realistically.

As humans, we size everyone up in the world except ourselves and when we do attempt to be honest with ourselves we are actually harder on others than we are ourselves.

Even when we do something wrong, we believe and try to justify, that our motives were good. We do this in an attempt to let ourselves off the hook.

Many people will use this same justification process over and over before allowing the change that is needed in our life.

So, to be successful in any endeavor we need to learn how to get out of our own way. By using these four tips, you will become more effective in stretching yourself to achieve your goals.

Learn followership if you want to stretch yourself to be successful

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