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Q: Can I Get My ADHD Medication Refilled Out of State?

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Q: “I live full time in my RV and travel the country. My residency is in Vermont, but I’m presently residing in Arizona and it seems I need to become a resident of Arizona to get a prescription — at least at some clinics.

Given that my ADHD medication is a controlled substance, I can’t get a script from my PCP back in Vermont because it requires a face-to-face appointment.

Do you have any advice for long-term travelers or college students with ADHD who need to get their prescriptions while away from home?” — MichaelDear Michael,The short answer is that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) rules changed permanently in March 2020 and, so long as the initial evaluation was done face-to-face, your original prescriber can continue to.

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