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How to Stand Out as a Leader in 2023 & Beyond

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Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, and Barack Obama have one thing in common – executive presence.  They stand out from others through their physical appearance, charisma, etiquette, and mannerism. They all have the X factor and the pull factor that attracts the attention of others and makes them exceptional.Of late, executive presence has been catching up globally as most chief executives and leaders realized its importance to improve their influence and enhance their leadership presence.  There are books authored on the concept of executive presence that shows the significance of executive presence. Some people bring happiness wherever they go; some people bring happiness whenever they go.  The people with executive presence belong to the first category where they bring in a lot of happiness wherever they go to a group through their appearance and charm. When you see some people you get attracted to them immediately, and you feel like speaking to them and spending your precious time.  You will show your interest to associate with them, and try to help as much as you can without expecting any returns from them.  Your mind will be occupied with such people and you enjoy talking about them with others.

You often think about them and appreciate aping them.  This is known as executive presence, and it is precisely known as a “wow” factor which is easy to see and yet hard to define.Executive presence is the ability to influence others through your communication skills, appearance, and dress code.  It is a magnetic charm that adds value to your leadership ability.  It helps in getting tasks executed successfully. It is a blend of

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