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10 Reasons to Try a Tabata Workout

Tabata-Plus, groundbreaking research in 1996 compared aerobic and anaerobic benefits of interval training. The eponymic protocol is a type of high-intensity interval training or H.I.I.T. The subjects studied used stationary cycling as the exercise.The Tabata Protocol combines a fierce segment of exercise that lasts for twenty seconds, and then you rest for ten seconds.

Each interval equals one set, and the total goal is eight sets, adding up to four minutes. While individual results may vary, there’s enough scientific research to demonstrate the protocol’s benefits. ADVERTISEMENT Are you tired of being a couch potato and want to get fit? Whether you’re trying to shed pounds or tone your muscles, this H.I.I.T is worth your time.

Here are ten reasons to use Tabata in your exercise routine. ADVERTISEMENT One top reason to consider Tabata a high-intensity workout is that it’s backed by solid research. A study published by the Journal of Physiological Sciences found that the workout can benefit your muscles, breathing, and circulation.

It may also enhance your sports performance.Maybe you’re hesitant to begin a fitness regimen because you don’t want to join a gym. The good news about trying Tabata is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. You’re ready to go if you have space and some comfortable clothes.Feel free to mix up the high-intensity part with your favorite exercise.

You can do a few pushups after lunch or in the evening. This interval training works well with your everyday routine or as a separate workout. ADVERTISEMENT Did you know that you can even do a routine during breaks at work? You can go outside and use power walking as your chosen exercise.

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