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Don’t Worry As Much As We Do About Everything

To be or not to be, that is the question. Is this your life purpose or is it destiny? The line between the two is a fine one, but it is very much there.

You can decide what your purpose in life is – but will it turn out to be your destiny? Sure, it is an important question, but don’t worry so much about it!

Ultimately, there is NO way of knowing what’s around the next corner in life. You cannot control every aspect of your life journey. So is it really worth all the anxiety in the end?

There are two things that are definite in life: you are born AND you will die.

Everything in between is all up to you!

1. Everything Happens For a Reason

This is either the worst saying in the world or the truest. It all depends on who is on the receiving end of it.

Usually, when something you really want didn’t work out, someone will always say that everything happens for a reason.

It’s a stupidly frustrating phrase that almost always leaves us asking “Why?”

You are left feeling cheated. However, there is some truth to the phrase that makes you want to stab someone in the ear.

The fact is that things really do happen for a reason. It’s just not clear to you yet. It could be that you were not in the right frame of mind for that particular thing to happen.

The reality is that in some small way, you were just not ready for it yet. Don’t worry: the next time you hear the dreaded phrase, take a closer look. You will see that there really was a reason behind it all.

2. When the Silver Lining Isn’t Clear Enough

So, even though you are feeling pretty bummed out that whatever you were looking forward to did not happen, there is a silver lining after all.

Sometimes, it’s just hidden behind the clouds and you can’t see it. Most of the time, it

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