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'Below the Belt' Is a Must-Watch Documentary About Endometriosis

EndoWhat? has been working on “Below the Belt” for 10 years to show the truth, struggles, and reality of what women with endometriosis go through — from struggling to get diagnosed, taken seriously, and how challenging it is to get the gold standard treatment, which is excision surgery from a vetted specialist.

When I saw the opportunity to purchase an advanced screening ticket for North America to watch this documentary at home, I took it. I prepared myself to watch “Below the Belt” in comfy clothes while handling a pretty rough period with multiple painful flares before it arrived. I grabbed the only food that sounded good because my nausea was impacting my appetite again and hit play with a box of tissues nearby.

There was a beautiful opening message from Shannon Cohn, founder of EndoWhat, to set the stage, along with providing a trigger warning about miscarriages. I greatly appreciated that and hearing why making this film was so important to her.

From there, the film starts by following four women in different stages of life and their endometriosis journeys. Each one faces similar yet unique struggles, but I found myself connecting and relating to each woman easily and naturally, as did many other viewers who posted their reflections after watching this.

It didn’t take long for the tears to start — to see what each of them went through, to see them fight for their right to have a functional life, to strive for a higher quality of life that we all deserve despite any chronic illness, along with horrendous statistics and survey findings that prove most doctors simply do not have the knowledge or skills needed to help endometriosis patients.

Many of us watching “Below the Belt” will directly relate to their pain, the

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