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4 Ways Borderline Rage Manifests In Relationships

– Suicidal ideation– Self-harming tendencies– Tumultuous relationships– Emotional instability– Disassociation– Uncontrollable rage– Psychosis– Impulsive and risky behaviors– Intense fears of abandonment– Rapid changes in identityAnd while those who have the disorder typically have a combination of the above, some of these symptoms (fits of rage) are typically prevalent.When it comes to relationships, they can be extremely intense for someone with BPD. One BPD expert, Sarah Kroesser, M.

ED. LICSW spoke with the Mighty and explained the anger and rage of someone who has BPD as the following, “Typically, we would use those criteria for someone who gets angry very fast, like From zero to 100, with a kind of unknown or unclear [cause].”Typically, people view this behavior as inappropriate because the anger comes out of nowhere.

“Maybe [someone with BPD] has an interaction with someone and typically, it might seem like it’s a little bit frustrating, but they get very, very angry to the point where they feel overwhelmed like they can’t control it,” and continuing, she explains, “They might lash out at the person that caused the anger.”One of the hardest aspects of relationships with someone who has BPD is intense anger, which can manifest in several ways. As an example, I have listed four below.Research suggests that one of the biggest triggers for BPD anger is rumination.

For example, if someone who has BPD has a conversation with a friend or partner, and something is said that makes them feel disrespected they may sit and think about it for days. And then, suddenly, they call their friend up and tell them off and never speak to them again.One of the core concerns someone with BPD has is being abandoned.

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