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Top 5 Fun Facts About Egyptian Mythology

The fascinating world of Egyptian mythology, with more than fifty gods, has inspired people and invaders and several popular primordial cultures and rituals around the world. It is believed that the Egyptian gods created the most alluring and heavenly-looking land on earth, which was made from chaos.

Greek mythology, too, is also said to be heavily influenced by Egyptian mythology. Both the Greeks and Egyptians not only respected their gods and held them equivalent to the strong forces of nature but also believed that the different natural occurrences they witnessed were nothing but a representation of their gods.

It was believed that the Egyptian gods were an integral part of nature. Therefore, the Egyptians were meticulous observers of nature. They also used symbols to decipher the natural universe. For example, after accurately inspecting the frogs, they finally deduced that frogs could survive in water as well as on land. 

Here are the top 5 fun Facts About Egyptian Mythology

Egypt has always been a fascinating land, and its history is rich and varied. For thousands of years, Egypt has been a land of mystery and mythology, be it the ancient Egyptian or the Pharaohs; all of them have left behind some intriguing myths and fascination for us. Let’s read to know more. 

#1 River Nile – No Nile, No life

They lived on the floodplains of the River Nile that flooded every year, enriching the land with more fertility and nutrients restored, bringing abundance and better farming prospects. The river was also used as a major mode of transport. Egypt is predominantly a desert region, and the river Nile was responsible for sustaining all life living in the region. Apart from providing water to irrigate lands, it also offered trade

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River Nile


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