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What If ‘Back to Normal’ Is Terrifying — and Counterproductive?

cautiously optimistic and suffering from a serious case of F.O.O.N. — fear of the old normal.In the old normal, time management was a mountain I climbed daily.

Nestled at home, however, I don’t waste an hour choosing my outfit each day. That frantic feeling of rushing and worrying — about what I have to do or haven’t done — has practically disappeared.

If I forget something important, chances are it’s just upstairs or, at worst, outside in my car. My ADHD brain has, for maybe the first time, found calm and at peace in a locked-down world with no choices, no decisions, no travel.The tradeoff: I fear that I have become not only agoraphobic, but also anthropophobic.

People, in general, make me jittery. When I’m walking my dog and see a person

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