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13 Traits a Creative Genius Displays (Without Realizing It)

ADVERTISEMENT Many people get caught up in caring what others think. However, the open-minded creative genius is not this type of person. Look at Einstein’s classic hairdo.It was chaotic at best, but do you think he cared what others thought of him? No! He was comfortable in his skin, and the world’s opinions didn’t faze him.Creative masterminds often fail many times before they strike gold.

Consider Milton Hershey, the creator of the Hershey Company. According to the Hershey Community Archives, he filed for bankruptcy three times before he finally sold his chocolate idea to the world. ADVERTISEMENT These masterminds will stop at nothing to accomplish whatever they set their mind to do.

They remain optimistic even when the whole world is against them. In most cases, they have the intelligence to do what needs to be done. So the actual challenge is to sell everyone else on their idea.Being open-minded is part of the creative genius process.

If you’re not willing to look outside the realm of what society dictates as “normal,” you will never see what could be out there. Picasso would have never made it so big if he didn’t have a vision for his paintings.A creative genius strives to change their life for the better. They desire to experience the unexpected and crave something outside the norm.According to Science Direct, cognitive flexibility is a critical decision-making task.

It is the capability to modify actions in reaction to changes around them. A cognitively flexible person can see the world through new eyes continuously.They can transform and go with the flow when things go in a direction they didn’t expect. Since they can easily switch from one task to another, their flexibility helps them with their high level of

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