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ClassPass Founder Payal Kadakia’s 3-Part Foundation for Achieving Your Dreams

in 2021. Now, she’s written a book, .

In it, Kadakia gives advice based on her experience of leaving her corporate job to around dance classes, and helping others live their own passions.“I knew I was taking this uncharted path in what I was doing… so I didn’t let anyone around me or the environments around me hinder me, or make me doubt myself in any way,” Kadakia says.In this episode of , Kadakia tells SUCCESS’ Madison Pieper about how she so she could commit to her business full time, her goal-setting system and not letting the pressure of other people’s expectations weigh you down.Instead of thinking about money exclusively as something you make to pay your bills, think about how you can use it to .“I have this mantra: Make money work for you, you don’t work for money,” Kadakia says. “We need to make sure that the dollars we are getting every single day are helping us either grow, or are being spent on the things that we truly care about.”One you’ve identified your dream goal—starting your own business or , for example—reframe the role money plays in your life. Create a budget so you know how much you’ll need to support yourself while you go after your goal.

This will give you an idea of how much you have to save before you’ll be able to focus on it full time.Knowing that she wanted to trade corporate life for dance and tech, Kadakia spent six years saving up money from her day job. She had a clear idea of what she wanted to spend money on, and it wasn’t fine dining and vacations: it was growing her business. Kadakia built enough of a cushion that she could live off her savings for three years while she developed ClassPass.

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Editor’s Note: As SUCCESS celebrates 125 years as a magazine, we take the time to reflect and honor the history of the publication and its timeless principles.We also look to celebrate those who will walk with us into the future and all the promises it holds. In this special Q&A, SUCCESS Stories podcast host Madison Pieper sits down with Glenn Sanford, SUCCESS CEO, to hear from the serial entrepreneur about what it means to be part of such a storied brand, and what readers can expect in years to come. You’ll also hear from Sanford on the underrated power of consistency, and how his level of unbridled commitment to the next right step was crucial to his success. This Q&A has been edited for clarity and space considerations. To view the interview in its entirety, join our social network, .Madison Pieper: You are the CEO of eXp World Holdings, the CEO of Virbela and the —with the level of attention it requires to run your various business ventures, what does consistency look like for you? Glenn Sanford: allows people around you to understand how you show up and how you operate, and that makes it easier for people to engage with you as a leader, as an entrepreneur, in a way that’s mutually productive.

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