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Why Kindness Is King and Nice Always Finishes Last

Wait, hold on dude. Are you saying that I shouldn’t be nice to people? You’re the Love guy, right? How does that make sense?I used to struggle with being treated like a doormat. It was my own fault. I was just too nice.

But the real problem was that I didn’t understand the difference between “niceness” and Kindness. And yes, there’s a BIG difference!If you’ve seen the film starring Leonardo Dicaprio, based on the story of the Three Musketeers and despotic King Louis XIV, you know how appearances are deceiving.

Leo plays Louis, who has been a tyrannical king and caused immense pain for the kingdom.Yet Louis has a twin brother held in prison. The musketeer’s venture to rescue him and instill him as the true king.The twins look identical in

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