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How to Live Your Dharma (True Purpose): The Path to Soul-Level Fulfillment

“Dharma actually means the life you should be living—in other words, an ideal life awaits you if you are aligned with your Dharma. What is the ideal life? It consists of living as your true self.” ~Deepak Chopra

From the moment I finished high school until my late twenties, I had “purpose anxiety.”

I wasn’t just confused and missing a sense of direction in life; my also made me feel inadequate, uninteresting, and lesser than other people.

I secretly envied those who had cool hobbies, worked jobs they loved, and talked passionately about topics I often didn’t know much about.

I even resented them for living “the good life” and kept wondering, “Why not me?”

Until it was my turn.

What it took to begin embracing my purpose—or dharma, as I prefer to call it—was one thing: love.

Let me explain.

The 4 Keys to Living Our Dharma (Purpose)

The Sanskrit word “dharma” has many meanings and most commonly translates to “life purpose” and “the life we’re meant to live.” I believe there are four main keys to living our dharma.

1. Cultivating self-worth: the essential first step.

I was bullied in high school, and as a result, I had very for many years. Looking back, I realize that feeling that low self-worth prevented me from embracing my dharma.


It was because I was too focused on trying to be liked and too worried about what other people thought of me to be in touch with my authentic self. I put all my energy into doing everything I could to look “cool” and be accepted by others rather than what my soul wanted to do, explore, and experience.

The essential idea is that embracing our dharma requires living authentically. As Deepak Chopra says, “[dharma] consists of living as your true self.”

The issue is that it can be difficult to

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