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JoJo Rabbit Quotes From The Comedic World War II Drama

These Jojo Rabbit quotes come from some of our favorite characters like Elsa and Jojo, and even Jojo’s imaginary version of his friend Hitler.

In 2011, Taika Waititi’s mother was telling him about a book she had read called Caging Skies. He reportedly kept telling her he did not have time, but then finally read the book. He reached out to the author and began the process of adapting her book into the movie Jojo Rabbit. The movie premiered on October 18, 2019.

The author, Christine Leunens, said she was inspired to write the story after she heard a story from an elderly woman she had befriended, whose family hid a Jewish man after he had fled Poland. The old lady and the man her family assisted ended up marrying after the war.

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