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Why Do I Procrastinate and How Can I Beat It?

Why do I procrastinate, especially, when I know better? How come I feel an urge to do something else whenever I start doing something important?  What steps can I take to move forward?

If these sound like questions you ask yourself, then keep reading!

We are asking the wrong question, and I’m as guilty as anyone. It’s not, “Why do I put off the things I really want or need to do?” The real question we have to ask ourselves is, “What’s the pay-off I enjoy by avoiding doing what I say is important?”

Our answers may vary but see if any (or all!) of these apply:

Remain comfortable. Stay anxious. Protect my dream. Avoid making a decision. Stay small.

Also read these insightful quotes about procrastination that will inspire you to take action on your goals.

I get to stay comfortable…Fear of Failure/Fear of Letting Go

Are we ignoring the nudge to take an important step, and instead, holding on to what’s familiar? Pruning is a metaphor I write about often because it’s just that powerful.

We are often so afraid of letting go—of something, someone, maybe some job that isn’t working—that we will cling to the dying branches.

The thought of the void seems so much worse than the death itself. Invariably though, when we let go of what’s not working and what is draining our energy and resources, we make room for new growth. Usually, it’s so much better than we could’ve imagined!

Maybe we’re afraid of failing so we never try? Sometimes the only way to know what we are capable of is to push our limits. We will either delight in accomplishing what we set out to do, or we will find out what our best is on any given day.

If we fall short of our expectations, we can celebrate that we did our best. As we continue to push our limits, we may

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