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Need a Boost in Your Wellness Routine? Try These 5 Things a Naturopath Expert Does Every Day

Recently, I found myself in a wellness funk. I hadn’t exercised in a while, and most of my meals were DoorDash deliveries.

After weeks of sitting on the couch and eating cheese-covered carbohydrates, I was ready for a wellness reboot. So, I reached out to Bianca Melas, a certified BHSc Naturopath, and Pilates instructor, to learn her top tips for staying healthy.

Read on to discover Bianca Melas’s non-negotiables to help her look and feel her best every day.   Raise your hand if you’ve ever snapped at your partner after a long day or become flustered by a stressful situation at work. While we’d all love to play it cool and roll with the punches, that’s hard to do without a regular mindfulness practice.

Melas is a big fan of getting her zen on: “Meditation allows me to still my mind and become grounded, so I’m less reactive and more responsive to those around me.” Neuroscience backs this daily ritual. A 2016 study found that 20 minutes of meditation can reduce your brain’s reactivity, helping you respond calmly to negative emotions.  A post shared by BIANCA MELAS.

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