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3 Leadership Tips for Guiding Others from an Army Surgeon

, Dr. Barton Blackorby talks to SUCCESS People Editor Tristan Ahumada about the building blocks of leadership.

Blackorby is a vitreoretinal surgeon in the U.S. army, which means he works to restore and enhance vision in his patients.

He’s gone as far as Iraq, deep inside of war zones, to develop his practice and help people in need.But of course, you don’t go to war without picking up some life-changing skills. If you’re on the path to leadership, here are Blackorby’s top tips for guiding others.As a leader, it’s easy to go all-in on the objectives you want to tackle.

You start to see every part of your operation as pieces on a chessboard, and that distances you from the human element of teamwork. But in reality, returning to a place of

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