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11 Keys to Achieving Leadership Effectiveness and Excellence

There are 11 secrets to your leadership success.  They are more than secrets and, in fact, the 11 keys to your leadership success.  These keys are the 11 E’s that are the surefire ingredients for effective leadership.  They help you unlock your hidden leadership potential and make you an effective leader.   They are Example, Energy, Enthusiasm, Endurance, Emotional Intelligence, Eloquence, Empowerment, Effectiveness, Execution, Excellence, and Ethics. We will discuss these 11 E’s succinctly which are the keys to your leadership success.Leadership success starts with the first key – Example.

When we look at leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa what made them stand out from others is setting an example for others.  These leaders practiced what they preached throughout their lives. They have left deep imprints on humankind. The second key to your leadership success is Energy.

Every leader must demonstrate higher energy levels. Energy does not mean physical energy alone. It includes mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.

When we look at leaders like Genghis Khan, Theodore Roosevelt, and Barack Obama, we find them radiating a lot of energy.  Only when the leaders are energetic they will be able to energize and influence others. The third key to your leadership success is Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is all about interest in one’s own area of activity.  It sounds like passion, but it is different from passion. Enthusiasm is contagious.

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