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10 Stories About Men's Mental Health You Really Need to Read

I write this at the close of Men’s Health Month, but the point remains year-round: Men are struggling due to the societal expectation for men to be “masculine” — to be tough, stoic, brave, and unyielding in the face of adversity. However, this isn’t the reality. I’ve written about it before: men are four times as likely to die by suicide than women. Suicide is the biggest cause of death of men under 35 in the United Kingdom. More than six million men are affected by depression in the United States alone. And, because of this expectation for men to be strong and resilient, they are less likely to talk about their struggles.

Men from every walk of life are struggling to cope in a world that tells them their emotions aren’t valid. That’s why we wanted to curate a roundup of 10 incredible stories from male Mighty contributors. Covering everything from hiding mental struggles to diversity, these are the topics we need to be discussing openly as a society.

1. “Men: It’s OK to Stop Hiding That You’re Struggling” by Andrew Jensen

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“After two attempts to take my life in a three-week span, I realized things needed to change.”

Published in partnership with the leading men’s health charity The Movember Foundation, professional golfer Andrew Jensen shares the strength he found in admitting “weakness” and how society’s definition of strength couldn’t be more opposite to the truth.

2. “Why Are Men With Borderline Personality Disorder Still in the Shadows?” by Andrew Lampe

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“For the whole year of the therapy, I was the only guy in a group of up to eight.”

At 38 years old, Andrew Lampe was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), a disorder stereotypically seen as

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