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14 Reasons Why Married Couples Are Happier

experts can’t agree on the reasoning. While some studies show that being married brings happiness, others show that it’s a variety of factors that make you happy. ADVERTISEMENT A psychologist from the University of Denver conducted a study about married couples being happier.

With the help of his colleagues, the study followed 168 people who were engaged to be married. The study showed their journey from engagement to married life, helping experts understand the happiness factor.While some evidence supports the idea that married couples are happier, it’s not that simple. It turns out that couples living together without being married can have the same level of happiness.

The key is to have a healthy relationship rather than continuing to linger in unfulfilling ones.During the two-year study, participants were surveyed every two months about their:The survey helped experts identify physical or mental changes leading up to the participant’s wedding day. They also monitored changes after the wedding. The reported changes indicated that couples aren’t always happier after the wedding, further confusing the discussion.This study shows that there’s more to a happy couple than a legal certificate.

The reason people believe that married couples are happier can bring enlightenment to the situation, though. It’s not the marriage that creates a happy life, and it’s all about the health and positivity of your relationship.Further studies show that people who remain single experience steeper drops in happiness. Since they have decreased happiness levels, married couples seem even more joyful together.

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