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My Thoughts on the Portrayal of Suicidality in the Movie "A Mouthful of Air"

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So yesterday, I finally rented the movie “A Mouthful of Air” on Amazon. It is a movie about a woman who gets postpartum depression. There will be major spoilers for “A Mouthful of Air” as well as “1883” in this if you have not already seen them.

And there are so many triggers in this. If you are easily triggered by discussion of suicide or suicide attempts, please do not read ahead. I am trying to be more understand of people’s triggers, but I personally like to be triggered so I can face things head on.

Many don’t understand it, but it is often part of how I heal. I already had seen and heard spoilers before I watched this movie, but they were much needed to emotionally prepare me to watch it personally.

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