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Dads Adopt a Family of 6 Siblings to Keep Them Together

The two dads felt so lucky and blessed when they officially adopted the children on May 23, 2019. Steve already had two sons from a previous marriage, Parker, 25, and Noah, 21, as well. The judge told the couple that from now on, the adoptive children were just as much their own.When the dads looked up into the grateful eyes of their new children, they couldn’t have been happier.

They have never forgotten that special day, and have always treated the siblings like their biological children.After spending 1,640 days in foster care, the siblings finally had a chance at a normal life after adoption. The couple says the children have brought so much love and warmth into their lives. They also get along wonderfully with friends and extended family, an added bonus to the arrangement.

ADVERTISEMENT Steve and Rob Anderson-McLean have been a couple for nearly two decades. They held a commitment ceremony in 2006 before tying the knot in Maryland in 2013. After Parker and Noah grew up and moved out, they felt like they weren’t yet done raising children.

Steve said that after he and Rob saw a TV show about a couple adopting siblings, they felt inspired to do the same.After doing some research on adopting kids, they learned how many siblings get separated in the system. It broke their hearts, and they wanted to prevent that from happening. So, they started searching in the United States for children to adopt.

They came across the six siblings on an Ohio website, which stated they had been in foster care for almost 5 years.Sadly, the children had been victims of abuse and neglect, and the parents lost custody of them in 2017. They initially matched with the children in June 2018, hoping to give them a much better life. The siblings

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