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Esper the Borzoi Dog Is a Star on Instagram (You’ll See Why!)

In January 2020, the family grew with the addition of another Borzoi named Ora. She’s a bit rowdier than Esper and loves to “jump and eat everything in sight,” according to their website. Ora also seems to enjoy being behind the camera, and she and her sister make tons of videos together.They also get to explore tons of national parks and forests with their amazing humans.

They’ve been to the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, and all over Arizona pretty much. Not only do Jacob and Christina love having new experiences, but they also love taking their dogs along for the ride.“You know, it gets me out of the house, too. It gets me traveling.

It gets me having new experiences, it’s good for all of us. I think the best memory I have is the first day we had Esper and the first time we took her outside, and she started spinning. I have never been more terrified and excited and curious, I mean, we didn’t know what was happening, and we were so worried,” Jacob says.She looked like a tornado, and both Jacob and his wife Christina thought, “What is wrong with my dog?!” That’s just another quirky part of Esper’s personality, but they wouldn’t have her any other way.

They accept all of her spinning Russian noodle horse self.  A post shared by Esper & Ora (@esperborzoi)Despite their fun, active lifestyle, raising dogs requires a lot of patience and hard work.“If you’re going to start with a puppy, just expect it to be difficult, especially the first few months of having a puppy. It’s crazy, but think of it as an investment as your putting this effort, then you’ll get it back. When you train your dog well, they will give you all of that back tenfold because of the experiences you’re gonna have with your pup.

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