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“I Can Finally Say – in the Midst of a Pandemic – That I’m in Control of My Life.”

I never really “fit in” to any social groups.I excelled in many areas, but failed in just as many. At 18, I couldn’t wait to flee and explore the world.

I received a full-ride scholarship to a small, private college in northern Indiana for mechanical engineering, a field I pursued because I liked math… and money. I also liked being independent and bucking the status quo – I’m the pretty, blonde female engineer who drives a truck and challenges your biases, happily.

After failing many classes, acing others, and changing schools twice, I still graduated with a 3.3 GPA and landed a dream job at a large, well-known company.I traveled the world (Morocco, Spain, China, Belgium, Mexico, Canada) with a desire to learn more, more, more. I couldn’t

. guest blog ADHD in a Pandemic

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