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9 Ways to Reinvent the Parent-Teacher Conference

The teacher-parent conference is an integral part of the relationship between home and school. The positive relationship, in turn, serves to enhance the child’s motivation and desire to succeed. Here are my best strategies for making the conference work for parents and teachers.[For Teachers: A Most Insightful Student Profile][Free Webinar Replay: Teaching Students with ADHD]Don’t Forget Kodak MomentsWhat a pleasant experience for parents to receive a positive, upbeat message from a teacher reflecting the teacher’s support for the child.When I served as director of a residential school for students with special needs, I encountered a situation where a student showed unusual warmth and empathy.

Aaron was nine years old, and he fostered his reputation as a tough guy. He seldom showed his classmates his sensitive side.One day, he was missing from lunch, and I began searching for him. I entered his science class and found him huddled on the floor holding the class guinea pig gently in his arms.

The animal had been sick for several days, and the students were concerned about her. Aaron was stroking the guinea pig’s fur and softly singing an Irish lullaby to her. When I entered the room, he looked up at me sheepishly.I was impressed and touched by this, and I knew his mom would have enjoyed seeing what I had been privileged to see, so I wrote her a note.

It began, “You missed a Kodak moment today…,” and I went on to describe the incident.Aaron’s mother called me the day my note arrived. She sent copies to all of Aaron’s relatives, and displayed the note on the refrigerator. She was extraordinarily grateful.

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